OUR MISSION: To help people build lives of their own choosing.

Our Beliefs

Here's the thing, your beliefs and our beliefs are probably not going to perfectly align. In fact, there might be a few things that might upset you. That's ok. The world doesn't need to have everyone agree with everything. You can still love and respect others with different beliefs. In fact it's one of our beliefs. :)

  • We believe that debt should be temporary and the goal is a debt free life
  • We believe people are good
  • We believe it's good to be friends with people who are different and think differently than us
  • We believe in living below your means
  • We believe children’s education should be child focused, not administration focused
  • We believe you only have one body and it should be built to persevere through physical adversity
  • We believe the world is meant to be explored
  • We believe that less is more
  • We believe a jack of all trades is better than a master of one
  • We believe you are in control of the outcome of your life
  • We believe freedom makes the world a better place, even when it’s scary
  • We believe in families
  • We believe there is risk in the world, but it shouldn’t stop you from living life
  • We believe too little sunlight is just as bad as too much sunlight

Product Goals

We use the products we sell, and frankly using poor performing products is no fun. The expectation is anything we sell has to be an unbelievable performer. It has to wow our customers and fundamentally improve their lives. If the product can't do that, we'll reformulate to improve it or we'll not sell it. There are too many average products on the marketplace and we don't want to add to that list.

We want our products to provide bang for the buck. Now this is a hard thing to do because we use great ingredients that tend to be pretty darn expensive compared to mass market products. We aren't willing to sacrifice on quality, but we are willing to do a couple of things to improve value.

  1. Sell items in larger quantities
  2. Bring versatility to packaging

It's much better to spend a little bit more on a glass jar that can be used for years, than saving money for something that will add to a landfill. While the packaging will be versatile, we think you might be underwhelmed with how it looks and that's ok because we value substance, not flash.

Business Goals

This company exists to make the world a better place. The goal is to build a sustainable business that brings value to customers, provides for the team, and has profit margins to grow and reach new customers.

We're able to make the above statements because this is a private company with no outside investment and we are run by families who believe in the above statements.

As much as what we are, it's also important to understand what we aren't.

  • We aren't going to raise money to become the next unicorn brand
  • We aren't going to have a ton of different products (when ours can do so much, why do you need more?)

Basically, we want to grow and be healthy; but we also want to maintain our independence and only be influenced by the people buying and using our products.

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