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Sovrnty is a web design firm that develops responsive websites for small & medium sized businesses.

We are a boutique design firm that prides ourselves on delivering top notch custom websites and design. We build our websites on the widely popular WordPress platform, and this allows you to easily maintain and update your website. Our specialty is building responsive websites that look great on the phone, tablet, or desktop. For us, less is more and we strive to keep design simple and clean. This creates an optimal user experience and helps your customers find what they are really looking for.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is when your website is built to work on any device. We deliver an experience tailored to the user’s preference by building a single website that looks great on your desktop, phone, and tablet. Don’t believe us? Try resizing this site to see what it would look like on a phoneTry checking this site out on your desktop computer. Less is more.

WordPress Power

We prefer WordPress for the wide range of options and plugins. This is about building a website for your needs, and at an excellent price. When we work on WordPress we can turn around your website incredibly fast. It’s the same platform that CNN, NY Times, Sony and millions more choose.

Starting at $1000

Our template based websites start at $1000 and our custom websites start at $5000. Enjoy clean design, fast turnaround, and affordable prices all while working with a badass bearded guy. No more communication break downs, because you are talking with the folks that are building your site.

The dude who makes it happen

Eric Bandholz

Location: Spokane, WA
email | LinkedIn | @bandholz

Many have stared endlessly into those beautiful red facial hairs. Eric prides himself on viewing the world from a unique, yet practical perspective. He is a creative individual and his talent is coming up with solutions to problems and issues.

With a background in sales and marketing, Eric has the necessary tools to implement complex and effective websites. He also shares his thoughts on capitalism, music, and marketing on his personal blog

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Testimonials and client list

Holy shit man you make a badass website! You write copy like a bearded Don Draper! I read through it completely and it looked flawless to me. Thanks for your hard work, this is something to be proud of from top to bottom. Thanks Eric.

-Joshua McKee, Atlas Staffing

I had always tried to put together my own websites, but for my newest projects, I knew I wanted more. Eric and Sovrnty blew my mind with endless possibilities, and then made it so easy to understand and execute. Now it’s natural: When I need I new site, I call Sovrnty. Eric and crew hit the mark every time.
-Brian Calvert
Executive Producer, and

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Magner Sanborn
Stewart Title

Examples of our work

Half Round Productions
Spokane Beard & Mustache
Atlas Staffing